Monday, January 25, 2010

A new vision

Greetings, blogosphere.

I have a confession to make: About four months ago, I started this blog — not because I had an overwhelming feeling to express my views with the world or even because I was fascinated by the notion of blogging. Rather, my intentions were simple: I was obligated.

I began grad school at NYU in September 2009, and as part of my writing/reporting class, I had to maintain a blog. So I created this account and began posting, albeit mostly just my recent assignments to what I can only assume is a very small audience.

But it's a new year, and a new semester, and the rules have changed. I am again required to maintain a blog, this time for my entrepreneurial journalism class (which in itself will make for a ton of discussion on here). However, I can guarantee the contents of this blog will be much different. I see little value in simply posting my work to likely fewer than a handful of readers.

This time around I want to discuss real issues and relevant topics. One of the most important hallmarks of journalism is the opportunity to bring to light people and issues that otherwise wouldn't be examined. I think it's hugely important to find these characters and tell their stories, and I will certainly continue to do that. But beyond that, I think it's important to look at the larger picture.

I plan to look at issues affecting the media and journalism. From ethics and photography & photojournalism to new technologies and the many innovations changing the media landscape — all these issues and more are fair game.

My goal is to inform and shed light on these matters, but even more, I'd love to start a discussion. I want to know what you know and what you think. I want to share information but I also want to learn. I hope you contribute to the conversation and spread the word.

And please, don't be a stranger. Check in often and keep me posted. I'll be sure to do the same for you.

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