Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stuck in a MediaStorm

While perusing some of MediaStorm's multimedia workshop projects a while ago, I heard an insightful quote from MediaStorm founder Brian Storm that stuck with me: "In journalism, we may not get rich, but we live a rich life," Storm said.

So true.

Journalism has been my life for as long as I can remember. I've always been working to represent my community in some form or another. Most recently, I've found a great passion in multimedia and visual storytelling. I think words are incredibly powerful, but when I traveled to the Navajo Reservation last October, and produced three audio slideshows as a result, I learned firsthand how compelling audio and visual aids can be. (The three audio slideshows: Living with uranium; No longer a home; and The Forgotten People.)

And while I've found an incredible outlet in multimedia storytelling and production, I'm always itching to improve and to study other journalists' work I find inspiring. And the place that never disappoints is MediaStorm.

If you haven't seen their work before, I highly recommend taking an afternoon and browsing through their slideshows. In fact, just recently they posted the work of their latest workshop in New York City. Really cool stuff.

Their team of producers and journalists is so talented, from the proficiency on the production end, to the tight, compelling story lines crafted by curiosity and poignant reporting. I hope to one day produce work as inspiring as theirs. Until then, I'll no doubt remain an avid viewer.

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