Sunday, February 14, 2010

My journey from HTML basics to my new Web site

Last weekend, I attended a two-day workshop on HTML/CSS taught by David Tristman. We went over the basics and tested out our skills by building very primitive test sites. But when the workshop was over, I wanted to keep at it.

I've had my domain for quite some time now, after my brother thankfully purchased it years ago, assuming it'd eventually come in handy. I've wanted to have my own online portfolio/professional Web site but never knew what route to go. Fortunately, the skills David taught us were enough for me to build upon to launch my very own site.

I'm happy to announce is now functional and online! It's definitely still a work in progress — and there's a lot I want to do to it — but I'm just glad my domain is finally being put to good use.

And I'm also pretty pleased I can now put those HTML skills on my resume, and hopefully keep working at it. Feedback is always appreciated!

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